Bridger Elementary School Community Council

Agenda & Minutes

Date:  Thursday, Oct 26, 2017
Time:  3:00 PM
Place: Office Conference Room

Council Members

Marci Austin – Teacher         - present
Zinthia Cornejo - Parent       - present
Lindsey Kelstrom – Parent   - absent
John Taggart – Principal       - present
MacKenzie Crist – Parent     - absent
Brindy Bennett – Parent      - present

Others Present – Janessa Zuchetto (AmeriCorps VISTA)


Agenda Items

I.          Welcome

II.        Trustlands Plan 16-17 Final Report – Mr. Taggart reviewed the goals, student achievement and Trustlands expenditures for the 16-17 school year

III.       Current Trustlands Plan Revisions – The council reviewed the current plan and discussed the likely need to revise the plan due to staffing issues.  No decision was made

IV.       Boundary Changes – Mr. Taggart presented information on the upcoming boundary meeting to gather input for consideration on making changes to the Bridger Boundary

V.         Staffing update – Updated the community council on current staffing and the challenges to find qualified aides.

VI.       Adjourn