Bridger Elementary School Community Council

Agenda & Minutes

Date:  Thursday October 4th, 2018
Time:  3:00 PM
Place: Office Conference Room

Council Members

Carrie Curtis – Teacher        - Present
Zinthia Cornejo - Parent      - Present
Lindsey Kelstrom – Parent   - Excused
John Taggart – Principal       - Present
Vacant  – Parent                    -
Brindy Bennett – Parent      - Present

Others Present – Andrea Linton

 Agenda Items

 I.          Welcome –


II.        Meeting Schedule – Proposal to move meetings to Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, still at 3 pm. – The council voted to move meetings to the 3rd Monday of the month from 1:50-2:50


III.       Membership – We have vacancies – Since we missed the election window due to the principals’ family emergency, parent members on the council will vote to consider the parent replacement on the council.  Staff members will vote to add or replace any staff member seats on the council.  Update on applications received. The parent members of the council voted to add Andrea Linton and Stephanie Guerrero to the council as parent members.  We discussed adding additional teachers or parents if they were interested. Parent members elected Andrea Linton as the Chair of the council.


IV.        Final Trustlands Report from SY 17-18 – Presentation by Mr. Taggart

-       Achievement data from last year –We reviewed student achievement data and goal accomplishment from last year.

-       Update on tech purchases – We reviewed the student device and classroom presentation technology purchases and plans.


III.       Informational Updates – Enrollment, Staffing, E2   - Mr Taggart updated the council on enrollment status and school schedule.


IV.       Training – Website Materials – Mr. Taggart reviewed the Trustlands website and training materials with the council.


V.         Adjourn