Bridger Elementary School Community Council

Agenda & Minutes

Date:  Thursday, Feb 1, 2018
Time:  3:00 PM
Place: Office Conference Room


Council Members                     

Marci Austin – Teacher         - absent
Zinthia Cornejo - Parent       - present
Lindsey Kelstrom – Parent   - present
John Taggart – Principal       - present
MacKenzie Crist – Parent     - absent
Brindy Bennett – Parent      - present

Others Present –


Agenda Items

I.          Welcome –

II.        Budget Update – Mr. Taggart shared the current budget expenditures with the council.

III.       Informational Updates - Boundary Change Kinder Start Time Update – Mr. Taggart informed the council there was no update on the boundary change at this point.   Mr. Taggart clarified that students were allowed in the classroom at 8:20 but that roll wasn’t taken until after 8:30.

IV.       Licensed Employee of the Year – Review and nominate candidate – The council voted unanimously to select Julie Cook as the Licensed Employee of the Year.

V.         Adjourn