Bridger Elementary School Community Council

Agenda & Minutes


Date:  Thrusday, Mar 15, 2018
Time:  3:00 PM
Place: Office Conference Room


Council Members                     

Marci Austin – Teacher         - excused, on leave
Zinthia Cornejo - Parent       - present
Lindsey Kelstrom – Parent   - present
John Taggart – Principal       - present
MacKenzie Crist – Parent     - absent
Brindy Bennett – Parent      - present


Others Present –


Agenda Items

I.          Welcome –

II.        Budget Update and Amendment Proposal – Mr. Taggart discussed the current budget expenditures and the likelihood of a significant carry over due to excess funds budgeted for salaries and benefits.  Discussion was held on what to use any carry over funds for.  The council voted unanimously to use excess funds to replace aging student devices and classroom presentation equipment as outlined in how the increase distribution would be used in the currently approved plan.

III.       Informational Updates - Boundary Change– Mr. Taggart informed the council the School Board was preparing to hold discussions during Board Meetings regarding the possible budget changes.   

IV.       Proposed Plan for 2018-2019 – The council discussed progress on the current goals and possible goals for the coming year.  Council additions to the plan included providing training and support to help classroom teachers gain better understanding and training on how to use new presentation technology.  They also voted unanimously to allocate funds to replace classroom presentation technology.  The also agreed to modify goals to focus on growth and parent engagement.  The proposed plan with discussed changes were unanimously approved.

V.         Adjourn