Community Council Minutes

April 11, 2018
3:15 to 4:05 pm

Attendees: Stacie Jorgensen, Jana Wheelwright, Matt Bennett, Sara Kippen, Lindsey Patterson, Melissa Dahle, Val Christensen and Karlee Fryer

Review and Approval of Minutes from March Meeting

            Melissa Dahle-motioned

            Jana Wheelwright-2nd motion

            All in favor

Expenditure/Budget Update: We have a total budget of $82,713, at this point we have spent a total of $52,528.  Looking at the budget through the end of the year we will have about $12,000 remaining to spend.  There is a projected carryover of $4,121.

Teacher Proposals for use of remaining Trustland Funds:
Option 1: The teachers suggested to Matt that it would be good to order more Chromebooks.  The upcoming 3rd grade class is a larger group of students, so this will help support that along with have a few extras for when there is a need within the school.  The cost of the Chromebooks would be about $8,400.  As a council we feel that we need to put in place a contract to be signed by students and parents regarding the care of electronics, mostly to place expectations.

Option 2: The teachers would also like having another day for planning during the summer.  We would pay teachers for one more day for planning in the summer, separate from the two days at the end of the school year that the Title 1 funds will cover.  This time is used for teachers to work together to make essential learning standards in writing, reading, science, and math as teams.  The goal is to build on what worked and didn’t work from the previous year.  The cost of 1 day of teachers working together would be $3,750 ($150 a day stipend).  As we talked as a council we feel that there needs to be 100% commitment from each team for this, possibly having the day in August.  Matt is going to take this option back to the teams and ask them to come up with a day that works for each of their teams.  We will vote on the extra day at the next meeting.

Val motioned that we approve $8,400 to purchase 30 Chromebooks, with the expectation of contracts being signed by students and parents at the first of next year regarding the expectations of electronic use at Woodruff.
Melissa 2nd the motion, all were in favor.

 Sara will work on a contract for the students and parents to sign, so we can put that into place at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

Volunteer of the Year:  Amy Hodges was voted as the volunteer of the year.  She will be recognized at the orchestra assembly on April 19th at 2:00pm.

Elections for Community Council:  Matt will do a phone call and email home regarding applications being available for the 2018-2019 school year Community Council.  The applications will be due back by April 25th so that we can review them at the May meeting.

Items for Next Meeting: Finish the discussion of the extra day for the teachers and approve the funds. Review applications turned in for community council.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 9th at 3:15pm