Community Council Minutes

May 9, 2018
3:15 to 4:18pm

Attendees: Stacie Jorgensen, Jana Wheelwright, Matt Bennett, Lindsey Patterson, Val Christensen, Karlee Fryer, Becca Crookston, Wyatt Olsen, and Lannis Christensen

Review and Approval of Minutes from April Meeting

Stacie Jorgensen-motioned
Jana Wheelwright-2nd motion
All in favor

Expenditure/Budget Update: We have a total budget of $82,713.  After last months meeting and the approval and discussion of 30 Chromebooks for the extra 3rd grade class and an additional day for teachers, we have about $8,400 remaining to spend in the budget.  We will approve the additional teachers today now that we have dates from the teams.  Suggestions of ways to use the remaining funds: Matt suggested adding some more technology to the additional first grade class we will have.  Stacie suggested having a few computers available for the instructional assistants to use to help them do their prepping at school instead of at home.

Val motioned that we approve $3,750 ($150 a day stipend) to give the teachers an additional day to plan in the summer.  A requirement is to have 100% attendance from each team.  Kinder, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams plan to meet on May 31st, and the 1st grade team will meet on August 14th.

Becca 2nd the motion, all were in favor.

 Val motioned that we approve $2,500 to purchase 6 iPads and cases for the additional 1st grade class we will have next year. 

Jana 2nd the motion, all were in favor.

Val motioned that we approve $2,000 to purchase 2 MacBook Airs for the instructional aides to use for prepping. 

Jana 2nd the motion, all were in favor.

Discussion on New Start Time:  The school board approved the new start times at their meeting on May 8th.  Woodruff’s new start time will be at 8:20am, with doors opening at 8:05am.  Tentative time for breakfast will be 7:40am. 

School Safety:  Melissa suggested that it might be helpful to have a member of the Community Council attending the district safety meetings in addition to the staff member.  Becca is willing to attend this meeting, Lannis said she would be willing to be a backup person if needed. 

Community Council for Coming Year:  We did not have anyone show interest in joining Community Council for the upcoming school year.  Matt will review the bylaws and look for a staff member to fill the vacancy.

Technology Contract:  Sara and Stacie worked on the technology contract for all the students and parents to sign at the first of next year.  Some suggestions were to add, please discuss this with your student before signing it.  Also, to add something regarding using the computers/technology for personal use, for example not changing the settings, taking pictures, etc.  Teachers will be responsible for sending the contracts home and to keeping them on file for the year if there is a problem.

Public Input:  Concerns were shared with how the AR assemblies/celebrations have been working this year.  After some discussion many felt that simplifying it back to the three celebrations a year for those students that meet their goal seems to be a good fit for our school.  Matt said he will discuss it with the staff.

Another concern that was shared was how the extra time in prep will be used next year.  Matt said that district wide they are going to implement curriculums in prep that will help outline lessons plans.

Items for Next Meeting: Have a great summer!  See you in the fall!

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 12th at 3:15pm