Magical Guest Speaker

We had the privilege of having a magician come visit us at ASC!

Magician Himself .JPG

He came to speak to Kindergarten through Second Grade. He talked about the history of magic, the resources available at the library, the code of honor, and respect he has for himself and others.

Magician with aiyanna .JPG
Magician trick- blanket .JPG
Magician doing tricks .JPG
Magician trick- chains.JPG

He did quite a few tricks while speaking to the students. The kids got to participate in almost all of them! Their shock and awe was more fun to watch than the tricks themselves!

Magician- Joshua and gadriel .JPG
Magician- Israel surprised .JPG
Magician- Isaiah Surprised.JPG

The students had a great time watching the magician perform fun tricks. They learned about hobbies and resources available to them through the library. It was practical and fun! Perfect for this age group. We love guest speakers!

Parent Night- Camp Read A Lot

We had our first Parent Night last night!

Our goal for parent night is to establish good relationships with Bridger families. We love to see and get to know the parents and families of the students we get to see everyday!

This parent night was centered around reading. We had four stations.

Parent Night- station 1 Katelyn .JPG

Station one consisted of picking out some fun campfire treats!

Parent Night Lexi and Jace- Meet the staff.JPG

The second station involved a guess the staff activity. Students got to work with their parents to try and guess who the description matched best. Some leaders stumped kids more than others.

Parent Night- Station 3.JPG

Station three was all set up to let kids make bookmarks with their parents. Each bookmark consisted of a quote about the power of reading together.

Parent Night- Station 4 .JPG
Parent Night- Emily and Oaklee .JPG

The Fourth and final station provided a place with reading excerpts to read with parents and staff. It was by far the coziest spot to be.

This parent night was a huge success! We cannot wait for the next one! If you could not make this one, we hope to see you next time!

New Reading Centers!

We are focusing on reading here at ASC. As such, we have created a new program that will help us focus on reading and reading comprehension!

This week was our kickoff and it has been a great success.

Restructuring our schedule allows kids to:

Buddy read (K, 4, 5),

IMG_2468 (1).JPG

Read by themselves (3rd)


Read with leaders (1 and 2)


This will allow kids to have more time for focused reading without overloading them during learning centers!

A Rainy Pumpkin Walk

One of the amazing things about Logan is the great activities that are readily available. We at ASC love these opportunities. On Monday we got to attend one of these neat experiences- The Pumpkin Walk! It started off like any other beautiful fall day, sunny and 67 degrees. We quickly told the kids to board the bus and leave anything that would be too much to carry. As we arrived the kids became excited- after all, a fifteen-minute bus ride feels like an eternity.


This picture reflects most of the kids faces as we began… about two minutes after this picture was taken the first bang of thunder shook the hay bales. The smiles started to turn into giggles and screams as it suddenly began to downpour.

IMG_1688 (1).JPG

We did not let that ruin our fun! We finished the walk and returned to Bridger.

IMG_1703 (1).JPG

It was a memorable experience to say the least.

Pickelball at ASC

A group at USU contacted us here at ASC a couple of weeks ago asking if we would be interested in letting the kids learn how to play Pickleball. We love the opportunity to teach our kids something new! So, we jumped on the offer. Last Friday a group of 15 students came and taught the 3rd-5th graders how to play the classic game.


This group of boys really got into the game, asking at the end if we could make it a regular activity at ASC!

20181012_164706 (1).jpg

These girls rocked the doubles tournament!


This smile was on everyones face at the end of the activity! Thanks USU!

Mad Science

Octobers theme is science. Here at After School Club we are taking that theme and running with it just in time for Halloween! All of this months clubs are focusing on Science and STEM activities. We always want to make sure we are planning educational and fun activities! These are the titles of this months clubs:

K-2: Engineers: What they do and how we can help

  • In this club students learn the basics of engineering and about the different types of engineers. Activities such as building airplanes (aerospace engineering) and tower construction (civil engineering) are both fun and educational.


k-2: Dino Times: Taking a look back into prehistoric times

  • Students in this club learn about the layers of the earth and the food chain. They participate in fun “Dino” themed games that teach teamwork and provide a basic knowledge of different types of dinosaurs. They also get to make their own fossils! How fun!


3-5: Harry Potter: Real Life Beasts

  • This club really shows that science can be fun. By connecting a classic children’s series to science functions present in the world around us, the kids have had an opportunity to participate in fun experiments, learn about different “beastly” animals, and lastly learn about magnetic energy and how it played a role in inspiring the Harry Potter series.


3-5: Scientidos: How to become a real life scientist

  • Students in this club get to participate in lots of stem activities in conjunction with learning what real scientists do. This club has and continues to allow students to consider whether or not they want to explore a career in the science arena. They learn about chemical reactions, static electricity, and phases of matter!


Thanks for reading! Check in often for updates!